September - November 2008 Marion, Virginia


                              CALENDAR OF EVENTS                       

May 31st Deadline Short Story Contest The Sherwood Anderson Short Story Contest, sponsored by Smyth-Bland
Regional Library, is held annually and the deadline for submitting
entries is May 31st. This event originated during the Centennial
Observance of the birth of the noted writer, Sherwood Anderson.
The contest has separate categories for students 1st through 4th, 5th
through 8th, and 9th through 12th grades, a college student category,
plus an open category for adults and graduate students. For further
information including contest rules please access or call
Brenda Umbarger at 276-783-2323 Ext. 28.

Short Story Awards

September 13 Sherwood Anderson Birthday Celebration Smyth Bland Regional Library - September 13

September 13, the anniversary of Sherwood Anderson's birthday,
is the grand opening of the Smyth-Bland Regional Library's exhibition
focusing on Sherwood Anderson.  This year will feature a film festival.
the Marion Library.  Refreshments will be served to celebrate Anderson's